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We offer wide range of customized machines required for Development, Production, Assembly, Manufacturing, Testing, Packaging, Conveyors, etc. Following are the standard Machine/ Test Benches we have worked on. If you have a customized requirement of any kind related to Machines or Industrial Automation then contact us directly.

1) Pinching Machines

2) Conveyors

3) Fixtures/ Jigs

4) Production Line Work Bench

5) Hydraulic Pulsating Machine

6) Hand Prime Plate Assembly

7) Performance Test Machine

8) Test Bench - Caliper Functional Test Bench, Actuation Test Bench, Spring Endurance Test Bench, Drum Functional Test Bench, etc.

For Customized requirement of Machines or Industrial Automation related work, kindly contact us directly.



We offer wide range of Electrical Solutions and Services like,

1) PLC-SCADA Programming

2) Electrical Control Panels

3) Relay Switch Panel Assembly

4) Variable Product Duty Cycle Controller

5) Industrial Sensor Control Panel

6) Machine Status Monitoring/ Indication Unit

For customized requirement related to Electrical/ PLC-SCADA Programming works, kindly contact us directly.

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