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REDDY AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS (Est. 2018) is a technology-oriented company having expertise in Machines and Electrical Automation Programming. We are leading in Design & Manufacturing of Performance Test Machines, Test Bench, Pinching Machine, Fixture Machine, Special Purpose Machine, Assembly Lines, Conveyor, Control Panel, Jigs & Fixtures, etc. required in Manufacturing and Production industries. We have our presence in Electrical domain also with expertise in PLC-SCADA Programming, Control Panel Design/ Assembly and Electrical related works. We are well equipped with machines/ tools required like Lathe Machine, Jig-Boring, Drilling Machine, Milling Machine, Welding Machine, etc. We are known for our quality and timely delivery of projects, well trained team and communication with clients. Feel free to contact us for your requirement and we will provide the best solution from our side.


We have expertise in Customized Machines and Automation. With adding more clients and new projects in our basket every month, we are planning to create our presence in international market with strong presence in India. 


Our mission is to improve our quality and minimize the time required to complete a project every year. We believe that Automation is todays requirement and it should be available to every company whether it is multinational company or a startup. 


SNF Sales Corporation

- Ball Screw, Coupling, Tie Rods, Im Rails, etc.

Creative Engineering

- Aluminum Sections, Assembly Parts, etc.

Bearing India Ltd.

- All types of Bearings, LM Rails, Bush Bearings.

Ajay Hydro Pneumatic

- All types of Pneumatic & Hydraulic Accessories.

Perfect Polymers

- Nylon, Delrin, PP, Acrylic Material, etc.

Jai Jagannath Enterprises

- Rotary Grinding, Milling, Jig Boring etc.

Sarthak Engineering

- Wire Cutting, VMC etc.

Alstrut India Pvt. Ltd.

- Aluminum Sections, Assembly Parts, Conveyors, etc. 

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